Get Help Give Help
Get Help Give Help
Last month, Renaudin Foundation was proud to present a Mental Health Town Hall on which addressed issues caused by and related to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 18,000 people tuned in to hear medical experts discuss the unique challenges many are facing and potential ways to overcome them. View the Town Hall here: Mental Health Town Hall

The Renaudin Foundation Connects People

The Renaudin Foundation connects people with the help they need to thrive during these challenging times. 

We are also partner with people and organizations that seek to provide that help, either through services, products or monetary donations.

Jon Renaudin speaks to audiences about helping New Orleanians help each other
Pelican Ice helps create snow for New Orleanians
Find out how the Renaudin Foundation can help you or how you can help the foundation help others through Jon Renaudin’s “Get Help/Give Help” promise to the community.