Jon is a business leader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, father and proud graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy

About The Renaudin Foundation

Jon started the Renaudin Foundation as a way to help people thrive in an increasingly challenging society. The global pandemic has brought into sharp relief the uphill battle many face in their day-to-day lives; The Renaudin Foundation seeks to help those in need in any way it can.

Jon Renaudin speaks to audiences about helping New Orleanians help each other

Jon Renaudin, Founder

The Renaudin Foundation

I know life can be challenging.

Which is why I’m here to help.

Even when we are at our best – making good decisions, treating others fairly, taking care of our families and ourselves – the best path forward isn’t always clear. Add in a crisis or three, and things can get really murky.

My path has been rocky. I was lucky to be born to a family with successful businesses and resources. However, my choices were not always the right ones. With the help of Valley Forge Military Academy and the family I made there, I ultimately became a successful entrepreneur whose mission is to help my community in any way I can. Along the way, I became a father and learned the true meanings of responsibility and unconditional love.

Through The Renaudin Foundation, I hope to help individuals find the emotional, physical and financial assistance they need to thrive. I also seek to partner with others who have those same goals.

Find out how the Renaudin Foundation can help you or how you can help the foundation help others through Jon Renaudin’s “Get Help/Give Help” promise to the community.