As vaccines reach more people, some lucky folks feel guilty getting a shot, but should they?

Wudan Yan, a 30-something journalist in the Pacific Northwest, got a call late at night on Jan. 28 from a friend. Fearing an emergency, she nervously answered the phone.

As it turned out, a friend of the friend was distributing COVID-19 shots that evening and was looking for recipients. A freezer at a Seattle hospital containing 1,600 doses of the Moderna vaccine had gone kaput and the highly coveted doses that must be stored at subzero temperatures were on the verge of spoiling. If it didn’t get injected into arms within hours, the vaccine would be thrown out.

The hospital staff was trying to summon those eligible for the shots — including people 65 and older — but the late hour made responding to the call difficult for elderly, less nimble prospects. So, others were being rounded up for an unexpected shot of luck.

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