Dawn of the NOLA Zombie Craze

Zombie Run New Orleans
Photo by Romney

It seems that zombies are now taking over the Earth. Not real zombies, of course, but the fans of the technically-deceased cannibals. From fantastical television shows and video games, to pub crawls and fun runs, zombies are well-represented outside of their long-time horror film home. The invasion has even spread down to New Orleans, the city that has always been well connected to the dead, and is exhibiting symptoms of growing bigger. 

The zombie craze quickly ran, or limped on broken legs, its way past the true nerds and fans to the realm of the mainstream where it was noticed by Jon Renaudin and Graham Bosworth who founded NOLA Zombi; a group that utilizes America’s new found zombie vogue to raise money for life-saving local animal shelters. “Renaudin had the idea…he was a really big fan of the work of the SPCA and controlling the local animal population and he wanted to throw some additional funding their way so they could continue their mission of making a shelter and allowing them to take in more animals who wouldn’t normally find shelter elsewhere. He was a huge fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead, and noticed that a lot of other people were too. Piggy-backing on the zombie craze around New Orleans, and picking up speed around the country, he came up with the idea to have a zombie organization and event production company to house various events with the proceeds benefitting the SPCA of Jefferson and Orleans,” explains Creative Director of NOLA Zombi Adam Mitchell.